Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dolls dolls dolls.

I finished Ichigo's vest and shorts today. Well, the shorts still need a little bit of tweaking, and the vest still needs a little more, but they're mostly done. Ichigo's Ninja oufit is nearly complete. I now, only need his weapon container, the one that straps to his thigh, and his scroll, etc container, that hooks onto the back of his pants.

I never knew a Tsubaki could look so badass. That's my Ichigo for ya. Oh, and the cat in the first shot is Owen. He keeps stealing Decke's warm spot, under my craft lamp.

And I've suddenly come up with an idea for Ichigo's shuriken. I'm gonna use shrinkydinks! The only problem will be figuring out how big I need to make them before I bake them. I'll have to do a few tests. I'm not sure what to do about his kunai. Any ideas?

Oh and I'm also gonna be re-naming Cory. I've been politely asked not to use that name anymore, by Ti, and I can understand why. So, I'm considering new names, that will still fit with his twin Reginald. I'm thinking maybe Reginald and Frederic. So, Reggie and Fred, or Freddy. What do ya'll think? Does this face say "Fred" to you?

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