Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tummy Aches, and Cleaning

I don't know why, but yesterday, my body decided to revolt. Thursday I went to bed early, with a headache, a little nauseous, and chalked it up to dehydration from the hot day in Williamsburg. I'm thinking it may have been the beginning rumblings of something. Yesterday, Friday, around midday, I started feeling very nauseous again, with that splitting headache.

I think it was watching CSI on my laptop that did it. The compression was iffy, so the image was jumpy, and gave me a headache. I'd been nibbling cheese crackers since I'd woken up, and my stomach did not like that. I got sick a few times and tried to sleep it off. My body didn't really want to comply. I was crying and mumbling nonsense at Ti, who held me till I had to vomit again.

I'm feeling better-ish today. I have a can of chicken soup, to be made in a moment, and I'm avoiding that other half a box of cheese crackers. I don't think I'm actually sick. I'm fairly certain it was the TV show, and eating nothing but cheese crackers. I'm hoping to get the rest of the apartment in order today. I need to eat to have energy for that.

Our apartment has been in varying states of disarray since we added a roommate, simply because there wasn't the additional room, but we've got that mostly sorted out now. Now it's just a matter of putting it all to rights.

So I need to put away all the stuff cluttering up the right side of the living room, piled up on the loveseat. With the remainder of today, and tomorrow morning, I should be able to get it all sorted out, and clean enough for company. Which, is the main goal.

I've got a friend from Arizona, who will be coming by on Sunday. She's in town, visiting friends and family, and luckily had an opening for meeting up and hanging out. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be having a mini-meetup, with several more of my doll friends over. Not too many though, as my apartment is fairly small. I'll likely post some photos afterwards. :)

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