Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Nick!

Today. September the 11th, has horrible memories for alot of people. It also happens to be Nick's birthday. So, in your musings today please remember that good things happened on this day too. And, with that said..

Check it out. I bought that Hello Kitty bag I wanted, I guess a week or so ago. I'll be using it mostly as a doll carrier. I can fit all of my dolls in there, somewhat snuggly (as in snug fit), with a small blanket for padding. And yes I mean all four MSDs and the Yo.

Isaac doesn't get much love, because I got him so soon after I got Reggie (and Shannon, who is now Ti Chan's Cory). So, he kind of sits around, not being played with much, which is a real shame.

The person he represents (Nick, my husband) is out to see, and today, September, 11th, is his birthday. So, I thought it fitting that Isaac get some love on his, and Nick's birthday. Isaac will be getting a new shirt, hat, and possibly a new pair of pants as well. In the mean time, please enjoy a teaser photo of my sweety, and a comparitive, of the man he represents. Nick looks so cute in my Domo hoody, doesn't he? I know Nick isn't blonde, but I had a hell of a time finding a brown close to his, on any site that sells wigs. So, for the moment Isaac wears Elli's first wig.

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