Sunday, July 3, 2016

Good Tired. I'm probably forgetting things.

Oh BOY did I get a whole lot done today! This morning started with a brief trip to Carrollton with Mom and two of my sisters so they could get their quilt block for this month, and then we came back, and my brother Logan and his wife Mel came over and helped us unload my new (to me) dresser from the back of the Tardis.

Mom helped me move the last of the food storage into the dining room (possibly temporarily, possibly longer term, and I got managed to carefully fix some of the minor damage (known) to the dresser, so that it was safe to load up with clothes. I have the big dresser full (emptied two space bags) and the small dresser also full. Most of what is in the small dresser is linens for right now. I will be shifting the quilts and blankets to sit on top and open at least one of the other space bags and try to distribute the contents within.

Big dresser is stuffed to bursting. I ALSO cleared off a table on casters that we had in the kitchen (we'd been using it as prep area), and with Mom's permission took that for my media table. It's the perfect size to snug into the pocket behind the bookshelf and in front of the food storage. TV fits nicely, there's room for the DVD/VHS combo on one shelf, set on a wire rack so I can put either the xbox360 or ps3 below that, and the other will go on the bottom (with the gamecube etc).

I also turned the folding table the dolls have been on, and cleared that to use as a desk and sewing table as originally intended.

We did a run to Walmart and picked up some blackout curtains which I had to hand just a bit below the top of the window because there is a shelf there, but I think I have a solution for that. I will need to sleep on it. I'm pondering hanging something kind of like a valance but not, below the shelf above the window. I have fabric on hand, and can probably whip up something that will fill the gap and not look terribly out of place. I have the original tension rod from the other curtains that had been up, so I can make just a little short, gap fixer thing.

Final thing I did today was unpack ALL the dolls except Epona. I can't find my Kaiju but I think he may have ended up in my resin bits box, so I'll check that later. Failing that I will pull back down all the doll boxes and check those. @_@ I don't even know. I put the doll boxes up out of reach (unless you're on a step-stool) in the studio.

I have tentative plans this week and beyond to help Mom get that room whipped back into shape so that it is usable for crafting, quilting, etc. I'm actually quite looking forward to that.

And now I am going to bed, because it is 1am, and it's cooled down enough that I can theoretically sleep.

News flash, Texas summer is HOT.

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