Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Heat and Creative Quandries

July has been migraine hell. The air conditioning works best between the hours of 8pm and 11amish. Otherwise it hovers about 80-85F. The temperature set is 73F. I am slowly adjusting to the heat but I've been heat sick pretty much constantly since arriving. I can get stuff done at night but not a bunch because I have to be ninja-quiet so Mom can sleep. I was SUPER productive the first week especially because Mania, and desperation to get things in order.

Since we got a second dresser from a family in Mom's church, I've been able to slow down slightly. The dolls are unpacked, the bookcase is full, my TV and gaming systems are set aside, ready to be hooked up and used. I have a folding table for crafting/sewing, and am kind of in limbo waiting on a few different things to get MORE done.

I got some new command adhesive strips so I can hang some art. I will need a few more clips, and to move all the dolls so I can put up two shelves. One is a sturdy wooden shelf, and one is a long narrow piece of glass (tempered I think) that needs a light dusting but would make a nice narrow knickknack shelf. I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to put that one up.

I'm also waiting on a small package from Osaka which will contain the power cord for my TV, and the bed risers that she doesn't need anymore (same type as what I got) which will fix a couple things. I'm planning to connect the bed risers with carriage bolts to each other, and one at the top that will screw directly into the narrow bottom of the metal bed frame. This will essentially give the metal frame solid STURDY wooden legs, reinforced with carriage bolts down through them. I'm planning on doing it up like this:

Functionally this also gives me ample storage under the bed for some of the bins and boxes that I have and need to be able to access but also store away at regular intervals.

Ideally I want to get art on the walls, but I want to get the doll shelves up first, and that means I need to figure out a safe way to put up the narrow glass shelf. It's maybe 4 inches deep, and I haven't measured length. I'm not sure I can find shelf stands the right size anywhere. I want something fairly discreet. I could do wood, with a little ledge grooved down carefully to hold the shelf or something if I painted it. I'll see what I can find.

Once the shelves are up I can see how much space I have left to work with on the doll wall, and go from there.

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