Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Need Inhaler ASAP

I posted an update to our GoFundMe. When I was raising funds to fill my prescriptions my inhaler was full, freshly refilled. Due to a combination of stress, allergies, and dust, my inhaler is now empty. This is of great concern, as while we continue to pack and prepare, the dust and pollen levels are unlikely to lessen.

In theory I will still be able to receive treatment in emergency if we can get to the emergency room, but I would still be without a rescue inhaler (which could prevent needlessly expensive ER visits). I mentioned on the GoFundMe, only the need for my inhaler but I am also out of my as needed migraine medication which it would be helpful to fill.

Between weather, stress from preparing from the move, and strain on my sinuses from allergies, I have been in a non-stop cycle of migraines and trouble breathing. Based on my medical receipts and depending on what kind of coupons/deals Walmart pharmacy has going I should be able to fill both my inhaler and my imitrex script if we can raise $80-$90.

Realistically I'm more concerned about my inhaler, as I do have my older less effective migraine medication if I absolutely need it, but I need that inhaler in the next 24 hours if even remotely possible.

We continue to be thankful for all the assistance that we have received, and we appreciate all forms, whether by signal boost, financial contribution or emotional support. Thank you all.

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