Monday, May 9, 2016

Moving is always stressful..

Today I have sorted three and a half large plastic tubs that were in storage and have donated a third, thrown away a third, and sorted the remainder into art supplies, clothes to keep, and doll stuff. I still have one bin left to sort, which is mostly full of old clothing (most will be too small for me now, like high school clothes), and had my childhood quilt, and some doll stuff on top. Also my doll-scaled Christmas tree.

I have a ways to go, but the end is in sight. I have put my doll boxes into larger boxes for the moving truck but will probably remove those from the large boxes when we load them into Mom's truck at Osaka's family farm in Tennessee.

I need to ask the cubic feet of the bed of the truck so that Osaka and I can practice tetrising the boxes and bins and figure out what if anything I could leave behind to be mailed to me later. The main goal is to get rid of ANYTHING that I will not use, and to make sure everything is sorted in a way that makes sense so that unpacking will be easy when we get back to Texas.

When I get to Texas I will need bookshelves, a desk, a dresser, and some other basic furniture pieces. I am not taking any furniture with me, just clothes, dolls, doll stuff (clothing and furniture), some art, books, and my gaming stuff (consoles etc).

One of the unforeseen difficulties of sorting through these bins, is that many of them were thrown together when Nick kicked me out in 2007 or 2008, and much of it went straight to our climate controlled storage unit when I bought my bed. So, I'm sorting through tangible memories, one item at a time. Some of the items are easy to donate, and others I'm having to set aside and let my heart breathe before I make a decision. I'm not a hoarder like Dad, but the few items I do still own, have quite a bit of meaning to me.

It's strange to be going through the childhood memories of someone else. This person functionally ceased to exist when I was twenty-eight, and officially in my early thirties. There are no childhood memories, photographs, letters, cards, etc for Rory. These are still my belongings but many of them have another name lovingly written all over them.

It feels rather like sorting through the possessions of a well loved family member who has passed away. Looking through these boxes and bins is weird and hard but very necessary.

I can look around the apartment now and see the end in sight. I have a bit left to do, but I am nearing the end.

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  1. There is a small dresser in the middle bedroom for you. I still have one of my long folding tables that might fit at the end of the room (along the wall shared with the hall). There is also a bookshelf in that room. I hope you still have the boombox that I sent you, because when I did, I forgot that I have cassette tapes that need to be transcribed (Mom, Dad, and Gram) assuming that time has not destroyed them. They're at least as old as you are.

    Truck bed is about 66" long. Tailgate is about 55" wide. Usable height is about 33". We'll lose some space for the wheel wells, but roughly 70 cubic feet. There is more space in the extended cab, which we will want to save for luggage, CPAP, and a small cooler.


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