Friday, November 13, 2015

Financial Assistance

In the interest of full disclosure, and not being privately shamed via PM, I am asking for help again without a crowdfunding site. They take a percentage, and require you to post to facebook, and while I am not ashamed of asking for help when I need it, I don't appreciate someone messaging me specifically to try to evoke a feeling of shame, as happened when I was asking for assistance (even just a signal boost) to help pay for my medical bills from my most recent bout with pneumonia.

So here's the situation. The past two weekends I have ended up in the ER. The first weekend it was on Saturday, and I had called out of work Friday due to migraine. Generally I work through them for school and work but I had gone past my point of functioning days past by that Friday, and my medicine had long-since stopped helping. So, due to unknown factors I kept passing out, and someone at work REALIZED this, and they made me go to the hospital.

The ER sedated me and released me after giving me a "standard migraine cocktail" intravenously. I ended up stumbling towards home still heavily drugged and realized as I reached the school library (my ER of choice is right next to my school) that I was in a state and should probably not be up and walking around, and so I waited at the bus stop there for the correct bus, and managed to get home somehow. No one was the least bit amused.

If I recall correctly the first ER visit I got a small script for something that was supposed to help with the migraines but it just made me feel sick, so I stopped taking it after 2 days.

So.. I missed several days of work that weekend. I went to school, and then by Sunday (last weekend) I just.. could not function anymore. I got dressed, I called work and told them I was going to the ER because I was getting worse (which was true), and I called a friend and asked them to please drop me at the ER because the buses do not run on Sunday and I was not well enough to walk the 2 miles to the hospital. My friend picked me up and dropped me off, and I waited about 3 hours until I just could not take any more anything and inquired politely if there was somewhere quieter I could wait.

I ended up being put into a quiet and dark room for a few minutes and then I was escorted to a proper ER patient room and left to change and sit for about a half hour. I was listless and speaking in a pained whisper by that point, and my eyes were rolling around in my head as I tried to block out the light with anything I could. A nurse came in and asked some questions about why I had come back so soon, and what exactly my complaints of pain were, and then they sent me for a CT scan.

After the scan, the doctor came in and gave me a once over, had me trying to focus my eyes on her face, then her finger, touching it, touching my nose, touching her finger again in a new location, and bringing my finger back to my face, etc. I don't know what this test does exactly but she seemed displeased by the results. She went mentioned a bunch of migraine drugs that do NOT work for bi-polar people (usually) and I said so, as I'd done research after the first ER visit, and she said she would look into low cost options with generics after I told her I could not afford to go get medicine.

She left and came back, and told me she thought she had found the right drug, and then she had a nurse give me something to sedate me, because I still had not been given anything for the pain or to help in any way. They took blood before the medicine, and after the CT scan. The CT scan came back clean, no legions, masses, or bleeds.

Then I think I slept for about 2 hours. People came and went, because I remember the light going on and off, but I don't recall details. I was heavily drugged and began to feel some relief. They let me sleep off the worst of the sedation and made VERY sure that I had in fact secured a ride home this time, and then I came home. 6 hours had passed at the ER.

Both trips were absolutely necessary. Both trips cost me most of my working hours for this paycheck. I still need to see the neurologist. I need to come up with money for the copay, and food.

I have applied for food stamps again, and medicaid or medicare (the one that doesn't require disability) through the state and will hear back from them on Tuesday according to the call I received today.

In the meantime Osaka and I are in dire straights. Between my medical costs, and her HAVING to be home with her special needs son, we are having a very difficult time finding rent each month let alone money for food, clothes, electricity..

Those who know us, know that Osaka has worked as much as possible, and that her son has made it impossible to work outside of the home. She was doing daycare out of the home earlier this year, but the family was on a waitlist on base, and got into that, so that ended. She has been dutifully putting in applications and has had some interviews and is waiting to hear back from one that would allow her to work from home with a fairly flexible schedule.

In the mean time rent is overdue, my check won't even pay my phone bill, and we have no money for food. This is not a matter of not trying or not caring. We have managed to pull through as things have gotten tighter and tighter for three years now.

What we need (aside from being approved for help with food and medical) is a bit of help for the next few months. We know that things will be fine by February once I get my I'm a Student tax return, and she gets hers for her work this year, with the child tax credit, but from December to February we are going to have a very difficult time.

If anyone is willing or able to assist, via signal boost or donation, would appreciate any help. I hate feeling like I'm begging for help, but we are in desperation at this point.

Anyone who wants to help can link back to this post, or make a discreet donation via paypal (rorekgwolfe(AT)gmail(DOT)com). ALL assistance is appreciated.


  1. Of course I'm helping at least a bit. I'm neither healthy nor wealthy nor wise, but I think I can afford sending you every month until february a minor sum. Hugs to all three of you.

    1. Thank you for your kindness Anja. We appreciate your generosity, and also your friendship. I hope that you and yours are well. :)


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