Friday, April 24, 2015

Introducing Owen Sebastian, brother to Simon Oliver and Lorelei.

HOLY COW. I have NEVER had a doll arrive to me so fast. I got a shipping notice for Crobidoll Tori on I think the 21st, but couldn't track it yet as the package didn't show actually being picked up until the 22nd. I checked the tracking number yesterday and it had a flight number but showed nothing in regards to it reaching US or ANYTHING. No info at all, like it was in limbo in flight.

Osaka sent me a text today that he had arrived. I initially was confused, since she had also been expecting a package but no it was in fact from Crobidoll.

I had asked on their Q&A board on the 19th if they knew when he might ship (knowing that I could still have a week or two to wait) and they responded,

this is BJD CROBI :D

Thank you for your long waitig for Tori.

All BJD CROBI's doll orders will be produced after your order/payment confirmed and it will take about 40~50 business days including makeup (except holidays/weekends), please.

For your Tori, it's been about 35 business days sinceo your order confirmed and it's finished earlier than usual and it will be sent in this week.
Wait a little bit more for your shipping information, please!
We will do our best to finish and send your order asap. :)

Thank you very much :D
Have a good day again ^-^//

If there are any other questions, ask them on Q&A board or email, please :)
We hope your happy days with BJD CROBI~ ^-^*

Always we appreciate your big supports and loves for BJD CROBI >_<

Best regards,

Not quite what I was expecting, but this was my first transaction with them, so I don't really know what I was expecting.

So yeah that was a pleasant surprise. I got home and Osaka was out with her son, so I had complete quiet to open him up at my leisure. I took photos. :)

First I got Simon Oliver out to be there to greet his brother.

Some kind of facial tissue? The photos are cute.

Some beautiful postcards of some of their other dolls.

A Christmas Card.

A REALLY cute Crobidoll BJD calender with gorgeous photos on one side, and the month on the other.

In the box that black booklet was a basic owner's manual with a stringing guide, and advice for first time owners of BJD. This particular image made me giggle pretty hard.

My FIRST Certificate of Authenticity under this legal name.

I was surprised, I didn't realize the body wasn't gendered!

Tiny little hands!

And faceup! It's so perfect.

Little standy man, steady as a rock.

And with his brother in his wig.

At this point I realized the clothing wasn't going to work for him long-term. He's a little beanpole and the waistband is comically large.

His intended eyes.

After some wigstop and re-dressed.

One with Lorelei and Simon, both of his half-siblings.

One of Simon and Lorelei.

And just Owen, all put together and perfect.

Now I need to figure out exactly what sort of clothes I need to make for him. The TTYA stuff will do for the moment but it won't work long-term.

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  1. Yeah, tissue samples are a common form of advertising in Japan, and probably a few other countries as well. I think they use them because a) tissues are cheap, b) it's always a good idea to have some handy, and the packs are a nice pocket-size, and c) because you're carrying them around, everybody sees the cute ad!

    And...WOW. Crobi makes some real beauties. His little face! (With a perfect faceup!) Owen is such a charmer. If we lived near each other, I'd insist on dolly "playdates" once my wolfy-baby arrives. (Guess I'll have to find other Florida BJD enthusiasts.)

    Maybe if you take Owen's measurements, I can work out a sewing sloper. I don't remember if you sew or not, but if you prefer to knit, the sloper would still help you see how much to increase and decrease. :) (Also, friend requested you on DOA! I'm CleverLC there.)


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