Thursday, April 23, 2015

Doll Arrival Dates

I realized last night as I was falling asleep that I had forgotten to post about two heads that I have acquired. Firstly, I purchased a (White Skin) Kid Delf Winter 2014 head for a steal, thinking to use it for a Pokemon Trainer, and then I received a Kid Delf Summer 2014 head from a good friend (same sculpt as Crunchy) for the same use.

I tend to look to Livejournal when I go back to remember WHEN I got dolls so I've poked my paypal info and guesstimated that the white head was received March 30th, according to the feedback that I left for the seller. The second summer head (also normal skin) arrived Monday, April 20th from my friend, the same day as a White Skin Bluefairy boy body that I purchased in the hopes that it would match Ro.

That was a total shot in the dark but the match is not terrible and with faceup I think it will do quite well. Bluefairy WS seems pinky and rich in tone, not the greyish paperwhite of the Luts head, or luminous white of my Soom Shale.

So Winter KDF 2014 head on March 30, 2015, Summer KDF 2014 head (the second) on April 20th, 2015, and Ro's final body, a Bluefairy Tinyfairy white boy body, also on April 20th.

In addition, my Crobidoll Tori has shipped so I should be able to archive his arrival date soon, and have my special brothers united in resin. Simon Oliver Valentine, and Owen Sebastian Valentine.

I also finally sold/traded off my Dollmore body, for a parcel of wigs, eyes, and clothes, and Avery has gotten a nice black vest, and some white pants that seem to fit well that I could use as the basis of a pattern.

I am pleased and have put the majority of the boxes I was hoarding into recycling since I've sold everything I plan to sell. I am debating re-homing my Souldoll Asiter because as lovely as he is, I want him on the old Souldoll body, and those come up SO rarely. I've just done a huge bout of selling though and I want to stay out of the marketplace and out of trouble.

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