Thursday, July 3, 2014

So I have a broken ankle.

So, last Tuesday I fell and broke my ankle. I was crossing the street, just got off the bus, almost to work, and then suddenly my left ankle rolled out from under me and I was stunned and on the ground in the middle of the road. Luckily there were people who saw me fall, and waited around, stopped the car that wanted to keep doing, and made sure I was okay. Well not okay, but not hit by a car.

I know that I have weak ankles so I keep an elastic compression ankle brace in my backpack so I always have one with me. I put it on and limped the rest of the way to work, which was not too far, as I was at the intersection of the shopping center. I realized pretty quickly that it was probably broken, and when I reached the store, and the manager let me in, I told her right away "I need to go to the doctor, I fell and I think I broke my ankle."

She gave me a concerned but skeptical look and had me remove my shoe and brace. She had me put an ice pack on it, and after a bit she concluded it was probably a severe sprain. One of my coworkers was kind enough to take my to my doctor who works through an urgent care center.

Dr C did three xrays from the back, a 45 degree angle, and the side and concluded that it was a very bad sprain with a hairline fracture. He asked me how it happened and when I explained the angle that my foot rolled he was sure that it was fractured from hitting the pavement, when the tendons and ligaments gave way.

After a week I'm wondering if there is not much more soft tissue damage than initially thought. I have 800mg motrin and about a days worth of vicodin left. I'm still in a bunch of pain even with the pain relief but this morning I was in more pain than I have been since I first fell. I was having serious difficulty getting moving when my alarm went off, and I've had a fever on and off since about 2 days after the injury.

I woke up white as a sheet, in agonizing pain and feeling like I was going to be sick all over the place. I was still struggling to find the strength to climb out of my loft bed when Osaka poked her head in and turned on the light to check on me. I told her that I felt terrible and I wasn't sure if I could get out of bed let alone get dressed and go to work. She looked at me hard and agreed, telling me that I looked terrible and should call out and rest, try to settle my stomach, get my temperature down, and rest. I started to argue, but I just didn't have the strength and honestly most of the time she's right about this sort of thing. I wake up feeling crappy lots of mornings, but generally push through it, go to work and up up doing okay. This was not one of those days.

I texted my store manager, and the opening manager, letting them know that I had a fever, and would not be able to come in, as I could not keep down my pain meds, and could not function without them. Then I took some pepto, ate some bread, took my pills and curled up on the sofa with a bucket and waited.. and fell asleep apparently. I woke up about 1pm ravenous, still in agonizing pain, and still pretty damned nauseous. I took another pepto pill, and more pain killers, and Wotan (Osaka's brother who came into town this last Wednesday) took me to get some lunch, and brought me back home.

I've spent about a week feeling listless, sore, and weak. When I'm sitting and resting I feel mostly fine, but the minute I get up and start to try and move, the world spins and my ankle shoots pain up my leg, and I try not to get sick all over the place.

I know the bone is broken and that there is alot of soft tissue damage but this is just ridiculous. I can't handle this and I'm almost out of hydrocodone. I have enough for tomorrow, and plenty of motrin for after that but I'm barely functioning with both and I am really concerned about how I'm going to get through the next several weeks of healing. It took nearly a year for this ankle to heal last time it got jacked up.

I'm so tired and frustrated.

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