Friday, July 25, 2014

I am no longer with Cash Converters.

Well I saw it coming about six months ago but it happened today. I was laid off. Our store alone is not able to support the volume of inventory needed for a successful Amazon store, and rather than garnering the cooperation of the surrounding local stores, the area manager and North America Manager decided to shut down my Amazon store. At least that's the reason I was given. I was also told that it was not a performance based lay off, that I was not Fired, but that there were no available positions in the company at this time.

The letter I was given was dated for three days ago. I was two hours into my shift when corporate asked if they could talk to me, and when I asked if they wanted me to complete the day's orders before I left I was told no, to please collect my things if I had any in the office, and go.

I have alot of feelings about this but I expect this is probably better for me in the long and short run. I've had job related anxiety for awhile now, and while I certainly don't enjoy job hunting, at least I don't feel like there is a sword dangling above my head any longer.

2013 was a really bad year for me in many ways but my work performance didn't suffer until Christmas when I hit rock bottom psychologically, or maybe I should clarify, when I became lucid and realized I was still at rock bottom. I'm in a better place emotionally, and psychologically now, than I was then, or this time last year, and I expect that whatever I end up doing next, I will be better prepared for.

Tomorrow I will file for unemployment to help me through until I do find the next job, and I will also look into what I need to do to maybe start classes at TCC (Tidewater Community College) in the fall, or probably in the spring since I'm sure I've missed the fall FAFSA deadline. Osaka has offered assistance in trudging through all of the information available.

I also have a few places in mind to put in applications once I get my resume back in order, and line up some more recent references.

At any rate if it does take a little while this will give my broken ankle a chance to heal better than my crutching about, to and from work as I have been.

Overall while I am nervous and anxious about what the future holds, I am also feeling some confidence that even though the world is spinning pretty fast just now, I will land on my feet on solid ground.

Honestly even if I end up just being a full time student there are worse ways to go about it. I will look for work and be happy if I can find it quickly, but I will also be a bit relieved if I am not having to try to go back to school after 15 years, and also juggling/learning a new job.

I am thankful that I am not in the middle of any layaways, and that Osaka is still working, and I hope this employment gap is as short as the last one was (about 2 weeks).

In non-job related stuff, when I got home from work, Osaka went with me to our storage unit so I could pull out my Legos from my childhood, as well as some doll related accessories. The Legos were filthy from years of play and inadequate storage, so we threw them in the tub with some dish soap, and I swirled it around and around till the water got gross, and carefully pulled each piece out, discarding broken bits, and non Lego stuff as I went. I expect they need another bath or two before I will want to mix them will all my newer shinier Legos but this is a start, and this was the day to do it.

I also received my birthday gift(s) from Mom and Faythe yesterday in the mail and took some photos of Doran with October. Doran took a tumble after I got the sweater on him, and all his head magnets popped out, but I glued them back in, a little too hastily (one is now backwards and I couldn't get it back out), and Doran is none the worse for wear.

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