Friday, August 10, 2012

Like a BOSS.

So, the doll hobby has prepped me for all kinds of things in life, including my first grown up office job. The company I work for, was bought out in October of last year, and there have been many many changes over the last 10 months or so. Now they're rolling out Amazon stores, and our location was picked (1 of 2 in our region of 7 stores) to test this. They have a functional model in other stores, actual pawn shops, and they're changing it to fit our business model.

Well this job starts at with a raise of at least $1, up to $5,(PLUS COMMISSION) depending on the value they give my education, experience (I WAS ABLE TO USE BUYING AND SELLING DOLL STUFF AS REAL EXPERIENCE OMFG), and general quality of work. I spoke with our corporate manager expressing interest as soon as I found out about the job, explained that I already knew how to do everything required of me, described how I've bought, sold, photographed, etc, for the last 7 years of doll hobbying, and was told today I got the job.

I get my job package either tomorrow or Monday, where I'll sign the agreement for the new job description, and learn more about the ins and outs of my new job. I'd been really frustrated lately with us being so undermanned, and the home situation being so stressful, but this is just amazing.

Sure, I'm 29, and I don't drive, and I'm not medically where I'd like to be. But I have a real grown up office job, doing what I love (organizing, cleaning stuff up, photographing it, shipping it) where I KNOW I can do this, and I can only move up from here. I get to extensively test pretty much everything in the store, (I LOVE MESSING WITH STUFF) which leads to better more accurate descriptions of items, and hopefully more sales.

It may not be my dream job but it's a GOOD job, with health benefits, a 401k, an office of my own, my own corporate email, and I don't have to deal with desperate people selling things they don't want to sell, or fiddly people who want to pay half of what an item is priced at. As it turns out the reason my health benefits haven't kicked in yet was a glitch in my paperwork. I was listed as part time, despite my working 40 hours a week, pretty much without exception since I started.

Long story short. I'm an ADULT.

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  1. You don't need me to say this, but yes, you ARE. I may not agree with all of your choices, but I cherish your integrity.


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