Thursday, August 16, 2012


So I've always had jewelry. I have a wooden jewelry box that my grandfather made for me. He made one for each of us, excluding Rose, because he died when she was 6 months old. I've always had sensitive skin. I had my ears pierced for my 8th birthday, because Mom wanted us to choose for ourselves if we wanted ear piercings. I had 18k gold ruby studs because they were my birthstone, and any lower gold karat caused inflammation. I've since lost that pair of earrings, and had bits and bobs of assorted jewelry (mostly silver) over the years. Most of my rings have broken, because girl jewelry is crazy flimsy, and I'm a klutz.

The point I'm ambling towards, is that I like beautiful things. I don't wear jewelry often because so much of it is feminine, and gold which I developed an allergy to, but I've always liked jewelry.

As I've worked where I am now, I've seen tons of rings, bracelets, watches, etc that are lovely (even my style) but I can't wear because they are gold. So when something that I actually CAN wear, that I like comes through, I'll think about it for a week or two, and then get it.

So far it's been three rings and a bracelet.

The first was this: stainless steel, a beautiful filigree.

The second was this: titanium with a 1/4 carat diamond for under $200 after my employee discount. I put it on layaway.

The third, tungsten carbide, I saw and liked, but debated about it for two weeks.

And this, my first bracelet, is stainless steel with three 15point diamonds. I believe it equals to about a 1/4 carat in all. $30 after my discount. Yes the diamonds are real, I used our diamond tester.

I've always preferred the masculine styles of jewelry but it was hard to find when my hands were much smaller, and so I made do with what I could find that suited my tastes, which was pretty much nothing. I wore a silver earcuff with a chain linking to a feather earring for several years in my late teens, as well as a handful of silver rings but I never had proper jewelry.

Now I couldn't say that I NEED diamonds, or that I need fancy jewelry, but I like feeling like I could accessorize in a classy masculine way now. I still need a good dress watch, but I'm very comfortable with my assortment of rings and my bracelet. :]

I'm thinking a Movado, or if we get one in, a Tag Heuer. I will not pay retail for it, not the least of reasons being that I can't afford to, but also because I don't mind secondhand as long as it's in good condition. My loving Mother taught me to swallow my pride as necessary. There's nothing shameful in owning or using secondhand goods.

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