Friday, April 27, 2012

More cleaning and organizing.

Finished cleaning the room. I didn't get actual before pics, but I remembered to take photos about midway through, of the cleaning process. It was WAY worse than this before I started last night.

First the closet with my stuff on the left, and Ringo's on the right:

And two of the floor and beds after I've picked up and put away about half of Ringo's stuff (most of which went into the closet).

And this is the after. I got it all done before Ringo got home from school, save for his clean laundry piled on his bed, which he had just about put away by the time Pherret and I got back from Home Depot.

Ringo was a really good sport about me cleaning, which is good, because it needed to get done, and he hasn't done it for the whole, what 6 months we've been telling him. I did stress to him that I put everything AWAY, and did not just bag up all his things and throw them away (like I threatened last time he refused to clean his part of the room).

I also stressed that it needs to look like this EVERY night before he goes to sleep, because he's gotten into a bad habit of just leaving the toys on the floor (and sometimes right in front of the ladder to my bed) ESPECIALLY LEGOS. Which any parent can tell you, wreak havoc on your feet. We'll see how that goes, because I need to do it too, so it's not "Do as I say, not as I do", and sometimes it's so hard not to just leave everything in a pile when I climb off to bed.

And I am delighted to see how much more lived in (and yet clean) the room is, from when we first put my bed together. 8D

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