Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning? Insomnia.

I have some very productive insomnia. I cleaned my half of the room just about from top to bottom, and while Ringo is at school tomorrow I'll do what I can with his half, organizing and sorting and putting away what can be put away.

I've mostly left him to himself in regards to his stuff as long as I can reach my bed and he can reach his, but it had reached a state that may have been contributing to my depression and anxiety.

So when Osaka and Pherret went to sleep I started with changing my sheets, then sorting through the pile of clothes on the floor, then the upper bin of clothes. I lack of a chest of drawers so I keep two plastic bins stacked with out of season stuff on bottom. With the clothes I sorted clean or dirty, and then folded all the clean clothing and put it away.

I may have Pherret run me to Home Depot tomorrow to pick up another storage bin and might drop off my Build-A-Bears to storage. I'll have to see how the day goes. The only reason I've stopped cleaning is that I got a little winded after 3 straight hours of moving and lifting and sorting, and anything else I'd like to do, requires more moving of things than I can quietly do.

I am fairly pleased with my progress but completely dissatisfied with the general state of the room. If I remember I'll take some pics tomorrow before and after I tackle the shared space. I may even change Ringo's sheets too, and make his bed. If he hadn't been asleep in said bed, I'd have done it tonight.

As things stand, I may be having to move back to Texas in a couple of months. It's complicated and I don't want to ruin my cleaning zen by delving in too deeply for right now. Cleaning and sorting is giving me some minor relief. Moving is one of my biggest fears and without exposing all my raw spots, I'll just say that even when it's a "good" move, it's still a bad one for me, psychologically. And this wouldn't be a good move.

I'm hoping that focusing on something other than work and my questionable future, will help me to keep as sane as is likely for me. Cleaning has always helped with that, and I'm hoping to do some sewing and maybe even play with some of my dolls tomorrow. :]

I will also likely be sorting and putting away several loads worth of clean laundry too. That combined with my other plans, should give me enough to do to occupy me for the majority of the day, without having to escape into video-games, books, or movies.

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