Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Why hello there internet! Surprise connection when I booted up my computer after work this afternoon. I was planning to Sim maybe, listen to some music, and on a whim checked my internet connection. BOOM. Internet. No guarentee it'll be here tomorrow but I've had fun with it this evening. I Facebooked, Ravelry-ed, checked e-mails, posted on DOA, and... that's it? OH oh, also read back dated posts on LJ.

I haven't REALLY been online since before Halloween. I think that's when the signal I was leaching off of moved away, or re-named or secured their network. Either way I was abruptly cut off from the internet. XD

In the last two months, I've been working at the Home Depot, settling in comfortably. Also, started paying brotherman back for my Narsha, Jessie. My Unicorn baby arrived as well. Bestfriend dear, Christy, ordered him for me because I was without work, and I'll be paying her back shortly. :] Pics will be forthcoming. Possibly tomorrow.

Also have Robbie (my School C head, who used to be Onigiri) on a temp body at the moment. Christy got a Leeke Richard for Christmas from her brother, and the body ended up small, scalewise, and the wrong color for her existing heads. So since she has no compatible head at the moment, she is kindly letting me have Robbie on there for now. :] I'm currently trying to set aside a little at a time for his SD10 body, while saving for Dolpa, and paying down on Jessie and Unicorn babies (the human head is a seperate entity). XD;; It's slow going, but it's going.

I've not commented much on backdated entries, but I think I'm fairly up-to-date on news, but feel free to fill me in if it's pre-Christmas news.

I got nice swag from Santa, my younger sisters, and Christy, and I took photos! But.. they're still on my camera. XD Maybe I'll do a late post tomorrow after taking new Soom baby photos. ;3

I missed you LJ! I'll try to be on more often, even if this internet fades away like before.

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