Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Man cracks me up.

This verbal exchange took place within the last five minutes. I'm still quite amused. Little man is almost 8 years old, so old enough in theory to walk short distances on his own.

Christy: Spawn*!
Little man: ... What?
Christy: Come here!
*little feet come running down the hall*
Christy: Go to China Ocean and get me some soup.
Little man: ... *makes a face like he's gonna pout or cry, but can't decide which*
Christy: ... You can get yourself some noodles or something.
Little man: ... I can't. *starts to walk away*
Christy: Wait a minute! .. Why?
Little man: ... Because... Because I can't go because I'm not in my late teens, so I can't go out by myself.
*Christy and I crack up laughing, and she immediately calls her brother to share this*

*Spawn is what we collectively refer to him by, online for his safety. :]

About five minutes later:

Christy: Have you gone to China Ocean yet?
Little man: No.
Christy: Why not?
Little man: Because I told you, I'm too young.

This has continued yet. XD I love these guys.

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