Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our downstairs neighbors suck. Seriously. Expletives deleted.

So anyone who watches Osaka's LJ, is probably familiar with the fact that they've been mostly harmless, but obnoxious with music since they first moved in.

When I came back to Virginia, and they continued their loud music at night, (till LATE at night and not just on weekends), into the school year, I had a polite word with them. Explained that the music was loud enough to rattle our walls (directly upstairs) and even knock things off of walls, and if they could please keep the music down, or at least turn down the bass we'd appreciate it.

Their behavior last night spurred me to write this (in my head at 3:30am). I'm not sending it to them, just needed to vent.

Dearest downstairs neighbors,

I get that this is probably the first time in your life, that you have your own place, and that means you aren't necessarily familiar with apartment etiquette.

Let me clue you in. First, if a neighbor kindly alerts you to the fact that your music is loud enough to shake the walls, vibrate the floors, incite migraines, etc, common courtesy is to turn said music down. If said neighbor specifically mentions that the booming bass is the problem, tweak your settings or invest in good headphones.

If the above neighbor needs to knock on your door regarding this more than once a week, or there is a definitive pattern, you may need to re-think your living situation.

You see, there are laws about noise violations. On schoolnights, or weeknights, in most places, it's 10pm or later. On weekends, it's midnight, I believe.

If said cranky (and increasingly so) but polite neighbor mentions they have to go to work in 5 hours, turning your music BACK UP in 3 hours after their Nyquil wears off, is not the correct response. It was 3:30am, and I was woken from a dead sleep.

It's too cold to throw on clothes and storm downstairs and your music is too loud to ignore. So I did the less polite stomping on my floor-your ceiling. You turned the music UP. I did it again with more authority, bruising my left heel in the process. You finally turned it off.

SCREW YOU. Your passive aggressive game makes me very angry, and I know I'm not the only one who has complained to you, and to the office. I can't be. You have other neighbors with school aged children, some of whom also work early on the weekends.

This is not appropriate social behavior, and especially inappropriate for apartment life. I hope you're evicted.

~Sincerely upstairs *neighbor.

*The short fat one, who always looks angry, cause she has to come pound on your door at 3am to get you to turn your damned music down. AGAIN.

So all said and done, the downstairs neighbors are young men in their early twenties, probably navy boys who play bass heavy music WAY too loud at all hours of the day and night. We mostly ignore it during the day unless we have migraines already. But at night? Osaka's boy has school, and I have work. Seriously not cool.

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  1. Start calling the police and dropping a note off at the office each time. After several times of being called out for disturbing the peace, the cops will get bored and do something. Do not alert downstairs jerks that you are calling the cops. Just do it.


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