Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's been a little while since I posted photographic proof of my existence. So here:

My hair has grown a bit and then I cut it. So now instead of solid bleached stripes, I have.. blond highlights, sort of. I kind of like it.

I am a little outraged at the moment. TMI for a minute here. I haven't gotten a regular period since it started. Due to stress, hormonal issues, and who knows what else, it's been something I get a few times a year. Last I had one, was December-ish, then minor spotting last month. My body has decided to make up for lost time. I rarely cramp, get fatigue, or any other of those obnoxious symptoms. Today I feel exhausted, sore, bloated, headachey, the works. DO NOT WANT. I was fine with a sporadic cycle. It may have the reason I could never conceive (tests weren't conclusive) but I can't be sure. I don't like it. I said so to Littlest Sis, and she laughed (but not maliciously) and told me it was normal. She's right of course but I'm still a bit outraged. That's enough of that whining though.

I finally got some pictures uploaded (hence the above, of me). None of Declan or Elli because I forgot. I do have some of Ichigo with the Sei Tenshi Jared won, and my School C head Onigiri. Also Phelan, who used to be Reggie, who used to be Gabe. @_@ Phelan is an Irish name that means 'Wolf' and Phelan is a puppy boy. Or, rather he is now. I made him fluffy puppy ears and a tail. That's enough chatter though. Pictures!


And Ichigo, Squee, and Phelan. The head is Onigiri.

And, in unrelated, but relevance news, Nick tells me that he's finally filed papers for Divorce. I guess getting the contract signed lit a fire under his butt. He apparently filed online through a proxy service? It sounds suspicious. Mom, can I scan and send you the papers to have a lawyer friend look over, maybe? I don't trust an internet company that lets you file for divorce in another state, online.


  1. You can counter file and also refuse to sign until he gets you moved. Definitely have the papers looked over to make sure your interests are protected. Maybe if he wants this divorce bad enough, he will do right by you. Oh wait, too late for that. Ok maybe he will at least move you home.

  2. Sorry, internet's not up at home. Don't sign anything until you have a lawyer look at it. I won't be back at work until next Monday. Call Legal Aid or the Virginia Bar Association. The Tx Bar Association has an "ask a lawyer" project; I'm sure that Virginia has something like that.

    Have you talked to his CO yet? Love you.


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