Friday, June 6, 2008

My ex(in progress) is a lying cheating clown.. but we already knew this.

I am angrier this late night than I have been since late December, early January, when Nick told me he wanted a divorce.

He had some time off coming but wasn't sure of the dates and told me it might start June 6th-ish. I wanted to go and get that contract signed FINALLY and he said he would if he got the time off. Not only did he not inform me that his time off started (6 DAYS AGO) but he's going out of town to visit his Dad in the morning and his leave ends when he returns on Sunday.

Initially, I was so enraged that I hung up and told him I'd talk to him again later. Then after about five minutes I decided to call him back and scream at him a bit. He knew that was coming, so he let the phone ring the first time then turned it off so that it went straight to voicemail. On my third attempt, his NEW girl called me on her cell phone asking in an annoyingly sweet voice (totally false sugar coating sweet) what I needed. I told her to give him the phone, and she refused. I told her again, to give him the phone, and she said "Well he's in the shower." I told her to give him the *insert profanity* phone whether he was in the shower or not, and she said very snippily "I am NOT going to interrupt his shower. You can talk to him later." I told her that she had damn well better give him the *insert more profanities* phone or I was going to walk over and start throwing punches. She refused again and I hung up on her.

I walked back up the stairs and asked Christy's brother (who is visiting at the moment) if he wouldn't mind driving me over there, and he kindly obliged. As I was getting into the car, Nick called asking me what I wanted. I told him not to go anywhere because I was coming over. He tried to convince me not to, and I hung up.

When we pulled in, he was standing in the parking lot looking sullen. I thanked Jared (Christy's brother) and he told me to call when I needed a ride back. My phone battery died about then.

I walked inside with Nick, waited until the door was closed, and screamed at him for a period of time. I didn't check my watch or anything but I basically called him on being a lying cheating son-of-a-gun, and if I had a curse jar, I'd have needed to put about $100 in there from this.

Basically I screamed at him like I've been wanting to since December, but I've been holding back because I thought maybe, just maybe, we could have a civil separation and divorce. He pouted like a five year old boy and tried to make excuses. I called him on delaying signing this contract, and he complained but finally agreed he would.

I threatened (and plan to follow through) that if he didn't get the day off to get this done (LIKE WE COULD HAVE THIS WEEK) that I would go storming down to his work and cause him all kinds of hell, even if it left him homeless or completely screwed for life. I told him I was sick of his bull manure and if he wanted me out of his life, then he DAMN WELL better do what it takes.
After a bit more of the same I finally calmed down, loved on Decke, and called for a ride back to Christy's. I'm still very very angry, but I don't want to worry Christy because she leaves for New York in the morning. I'm watching Michael her son, over the weekend.

Please, as always keep me in your prayers.

Thank you Jenni, for giving me the strength to finally tear into him like he deserves.


  1. Some things just need barn language. Or childbirth words. Check out today's NonSequitur [Friday the 6th].

    I think you have been more than patient with that man, and I think his commanding officer needs to know it.

    Have **fun** with Michael this weekend.

    Did Nick really dump Ti, or is he just stringing her along, too? I think his game might be to keep as many woman as miserable as possible, as long as possible. And I think he could teach even your father and Joe T. lessons in P/A. [If he's still married to you, that keeps his mom riled up, and he can't marry any of his bimbas.]

    You are *always* in my prayers.

  2. I am so sorry that you had to deal with this. I can only imagine how much you wanted things to work out nicely (as nicely as anything can in a situation like this) but go you for having a backbone of steel and ensuring that he realizes that you ARE a force to be reckoned with. If it helps you can let him know that the next step is Derek and/or myslef showing up in town and I will march him to the bank and clear out his checking account if that is what it takes. he does NOT want ME to come to town.
    Plus, I imagine you actually feel better after being able to get some of the things said that you have been thinking/wanting to say for months!
    I love you!

  3. I am so proud of you. I know it sucks to have to say out loud all of the ugly things that you are thinking, but at least there can be no doubt in Nick's mind what needs to happen now. And if he pulls another turtle move and tries to hide or avoid signing the paperwork, then you can feel 100% justified in talking to his C.O. (You are nicer than I am, I would have done that a long time ago and he would have begged me to get out of his life by now) :) I'm sorry that you had such a lousy night, but I am really glad that you stood up for yourself. I hope Nick grows a pair now and takes care of his end of all this business.


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