Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doing Okay. :3

Okay to clarify on my last post, Nick hasn't dumped Brittany (Ti-Chan) or vice versa yet. I honestly don't think it will work but I don't really care either way. I'm done with him regardless.

And today (Tuesday) we FINALLY got that protective contract signed and notarized. I'll be sending copies out after the 15th when I've got more than $10 to my name. If there are no objections, I'll send copies to Mom and each sister. If you don't want a copy that's fine, but this is just in case, to cover my butt.

That covers that for now. I'll leave him alone for a few days and then ask him what he's decided about how I'm going home (U-Haul, or airplane).

In Doll News, Christy got back from New York Dolpa (A Volks event that I'd love to attend next year) with a doll head for me. It's alot less creepy than it sounds, and it's a head that is pretty hard to get ahold of, since you can only get it at Volks Dolpas (A dolpa is like a huge party with classes you can take to learn how to assemble, paint, and care for your dolls, as well as buying clothing, accessories and a few special dolls there.) and Events, so I'm thrilled beyond words. I'll try to do a picture post soon. I need to take some pictures, and them toddle over to Panera bread one morning to upload and post them. Or at least upload them.

Jared, Christy's brother, won a one of a kind doll called a Sei Tenshi, that is super rare, since you can only receive them as gifts direct from the company. It's really cute with a sleepy face, and little pink wings and hair. It's extra special for him since it was his first Dolpa, and his birthday is this Friday. I need to get pictures of her because she is tiny and precious, and I need photographs to love on for after he goes back to Tennessee, and I come back to Texas. I've made just some undies for her at the moment and I'm still plotting to figure out what other kind of clothes I can make, accounting for her wings that are actually attached to her, rather than the kind that snap on and off with magnets.

All in all, I'm doing pretty well at the moment. I hope ya'll are too.


  1. pictures! piiiiiictures! xD maybe you and i could go together some time. that could be a lot of fun! even if we didn't get anything at all xD

  2. I'm proud of you for getting things done and starting your future in the direction YOU want it to go.


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