Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fur Wig help? Where do you get YOUR fur?

I posted this request a few days ago over in the sewing and crafting section of Resinality, but I've had very little in the way of luck so I'm re-posting it here.
For those of you who enjoy making fur wigs, where do you get your (faux) fur? I can find a few colors sporatically at JoAnns and Hancock fabrics, but I really want/need a nice soft fluffy fur in white, and some in butter yellow, and have yet to find either in my local stores.

I recall someone saying at Nekocon (Dizziness maybe?) that they ordered their fur online. Where would I look? I'm wanting a white(and butter yellow too!) fur with the consistancy of the below, cotton candy blue. I would also rather like to get my hands on acid green and blindingly neon orange.

And, a shot of the white fur I'm craving. This wig is one made by Dizziness, that I borrowed from neoragdolls.

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