Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Kiss(es)

I was unaware that the Resinality Galleries are private, so I'm posting the little photo story that I linked to yesterday. I think it was yesterday anyway. @_@

Ichigo: Smile for the camera! ;D
Eluria: I am!

Ichigo: I wanna give you a kiss!
Eluria: A kiss?

Ichigo: On the forehead. ;)

Eluria: ...
Ichigo: ..Ya know, despite my reputation I've never even kissed anyone..

Eluria: You can kiss me.

Eluria: I've never kissed anyone either.

Ichigo: Oh, you gave me your first kiss? ..Thanks.
Eluria: *blushes*


I made the two of them friendship bracelets. :D

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