Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I think I am either Captain Oblivious or a massive masochist.

I hate politics. I hate seeing people I love become nasty every 2 years between local and national politics. I think I have removed more people from Facebook in the last two weeks for seriously not okay over the line politically bent stuff than I ever have in the history of Facebook.

I've always tended to be an early voter so I was a bit thrown forgetting this is election day when I checked FB messages, clicked wrong and had a scrolling screen of vitriol.

I have been very quiet about my political views I think because in general I tend to be the "we don't need to agree, but we do need to be respectful" sort. My unfriending and unfollowing has been reserved for only extremely hateful posts of any political background. There's been enough mud slinging on all sides my friends list keeps shrinking and I'm starting to just be sad and disappointed as I continue to remove bigots and those who sling hate in any direction. I wish I could say it was only people who have different political views but it's not.

I'm ready for this to be done. I need this to be over so I can prepare for the fallout.

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