Monday, November 14, 2016

Busy busy. Staying busy for sanity.

I don't think I posted anything about how things went this last week.

Monday was good, I spent much of the afternoon with Logan as planned. We had a very pleasant low key afternoon.

Tuesday Mom took me up to Richland College to see about paperwork and potentially see an advisor and select classes for Spring. Turns out my transcripts were lost in the mail so we came home and ordered new copies.

Wednesday I read in the living room so I could hear the UPS truck come. It was a beautiful day so I ended up sitting out on the porch for awhile reading and enjoying the fresh air.

Same for Thursday except for an evening interview with someone who is working on some youth lit and needed some information about realistic expectations and reactions to things I've experienced.

Friday was a Pie Five doll meet, and Faythe came over and has been with us through the weekend and will be visiting Logan with me again today. I also got to spend some time with Ashbet as she opened her new doll and decides on eyes, wig, and outfit for the meetup. :)

Saturday was our quilt club day and we went out to Carrollton and then visited a yarn store on our way back. I was tired and took a nap.

Sunday I accidentally didn't sleep until 2pm and then I slept 8 hours fitfully. After midnight I caught up on laundry.

I tried going to sleep at maybe 4am but couldn't sleep so I got up and had a shower and decided to write a quick entry to check in.

It was a very long week and I have things going on this week too but less than last week. Today with Logan and Faythe. Tomorrow is Knit Night and Faythe goes home after. Wednesday fir recovering, Thursday is a Dr appt, and the weekend is free for now. @_@

I may be forgetting something.

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