Monday, August 31, 2015

Signing in my sleep and joint dislocations.

I woke up signing in my sleep. I'd woken a bit earlier over-heated from having closed the bedroom door, and having gotten up I took some ibuprofen for pain. Then I went back to bed and woke again after awhile realizing I was repetitively signing "cat" against my face.

I can distinctly remember that I was signing to my Ravelry friend Barleystonks, with whom I have been practicing my ASL. I was trying to articulate that I did not currently have any cats, just stuffed animals. I had signed "cat" repeatedly, and was specifying brand name as I learned in class on Thursday, by finger spelling Sanrio, Hello Kitty, and Chococat. I remember grabbing at stuffies on my bed in a half-wake dream and gesturing to them before signing which they were, and I woke as shooting pain went through my left shoulder.

As it turns out sleep-signing is not the worst thing I could be doing. I accidentally partially dislocated my left shoulder the other night in my sleep through normal sleep movement and didn't quite realize why I was in such pain until after a full shift of work and and having a study session with a classmate. I ended up having to carefully work it back into socket by rolling on the floor and massaging the shoulder while trying to shift it back into place.

Pro-tip. Dislocations hurt and tend to swell angrily once you have "fixed" them. Also I tend to be more prone to injury in the same place after this happens once or twice. My beloved sister Faythe has similar joint issues and has dislocated limbs in her sleep as well. I am a violent sleeper and I need help. x_x

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  1. Remember me sitting in the pew at church, in the car at a light, almost anywhere that I was not otherwise in motion, and fingerspelling? It still happens on days when I'm feeling stressed and can't get to my knitting. Not often, because the list of Things That Stress Me That Much is significantly shorter than 20 years ago.


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