Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's not even Wednesday.

I had a really oddly paced work day which ended just.. not well. Nothing in particular went wrong, it just.. really sucked. I went in to work in a pretty good mood, the weather was nice, my MP3 player was cooperating with me and playing songs I liked (which reminds me, I need to charge it), and when I got to work I had time to sit and rest from walking to work since the buses don't run on Sundays here.

Then we were SLAMMED (first nice day in weeks, shortly after military AND civilian paydays), my lunch was ridiculously early in my shift because of coverage problems, I ended up tearing up my index finger at the end of my lunch, got heat sick and nauseous and spent the last 5 1/2 hours of my shift trying not to throw up and remember to smile and be careful counting change. I could not take anything for my increasing pain because of nausea. I had a panic attack AND an asthma attack, and we still didn't have coverage so I couldn't even ASK for a break to try and recover.

Then the person who offered days ago, to give me a lift home from work today swung by out of nowhere like an hour before I was scheduled to get off and told me they were leaving early and couldn't give me a ride, which was just too much on top of over-stimulation. I think I just said "Okay." and then I quietly asked the cashier working next to me when they left, and since they left at the same time, asked if they would mind dropping me home after. They were nice enough to do so.

Then when we did leave I came in the door radiating ANGRY and howling in pain and confused/distressed my roommates, much to our combined frustration. I HAVE apologized, and am attempting to decompress and act like a normal human being. I am so FUCKING done.

No spoons. Probably no spoons for tomorrow either. I'm hoping to recover some spoons with dinner which Osaka kindly went and fetched, so that I can go out tomorrow and get my hair cut, and maybe do some light shopping.

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