Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Osaka!!

Today has been amazing. It's Osaka's birthday which USUALLY goes terribly. The day started off on a bit of a rough start with Ringo throwing a tantrum about properly brushing his teeth.

Then I left for my appointment with Dr T, and somehow was there an hour and a half early. I had subtracted time from the commute since I was there an hour early last time and I have no idea what happened. I think I might have walked faster. I was pretty anxious. By the time my appointment started (20 minutes late) I was in a full blown panic attack.

Dr T was really nice. He has some other TG patients and is well educated in those issues as well as the bi-polar, depression, anxiety and other factors. I was expected a middle-aged, soft in the middle, soft-spoken man, and instead met a YOUNG tall, good looking, polite and articulate man. He threw me off a few times with some of his questions and comments but in a way that put me at ease.

Dr W was very nice, but I was still pretty nervous and upset when I left, despite his best efforts. I was actually in a pretty good place today after speaking with Dr T.

We addressed my concerns over anti-depressants. He also told me that Xanax was about the worst anxiety med possible for me and to discontinue use immediately. Xanax is why I've had anxiety dreams, increased panic attacks, and horrific mood-swings for the past two weeks.

He has prescribed Lithium and Seroquel for now, and requested blood-work and an EKG.

He also told me that he can see why I was diagnosed as bi-polar going on Dr W's notes, but that he thought there was probably something else going on, maybe as well as, maybe instead of. We're hoping to clarify that with the blood-word and EKG, or at least that was the impression I was given.

Some of the questions and comments threw me off and delighted me were as follows. The first of which was telling me that I was a good looking man, and that he was excited to meet me. I laughed kind of awkwardly and asked what he meant and he smiled and repeated that he'd been excited to meet me since he'd seen my file. So that was fun. Then later in the background Q&A he paused and asked "Were you a pretty girl?" to which I responded "Well yes, of course!". I'm sure there is no doubt of my vanity. :P He also complimented my beard and said he wished he could grow one like that.

I'm nervous yet about being on anti-psychotics, but I know that I can't get better if I don't actually try the treatments so I will take them. So, after a short day at work, I went to the pharmacy at Target to fill them, and pick up a new rescue inhaler. I also went by the toy section since generally if I have to visit the doctor I buy myself a treat. I didn't find anything for myself but I did find a little Rarity plush for Osaka! And in amazing serendipitous luck, Osaka actually found not one, but TWO Deuce Gorgons at the Target near where she works, one for her, and one for me, because she is AWESOME like that. So I did still get a pretty freaking awesome treat for doctor visit.

We (Osaka and I) actually ended up on the same bus home for the evening, so we scooped Ringo up and went out for a nice birthday dinner at San Jose! Dinner was awesome, until suddenly there was what felt like chip stuck in my teeth. It was actually critical tooth failure much to my distress. Luckily I do have good dental insurance. So tomorrow I will be hunting trying to get into somewhere for an emergency dentist appointment. Trying not to think about that, like at all.

But then we came home and there was a box on my bed~ My (very early) birthday gift from Steve arrived! I did open it (cause I could not wait until July, seriously), and was delighted. I knew what was coming because he ordered it for me while we were on Skype the other day, but I am delighted none-the-less. I got the Sunshine Hello Kitty, with the Harajuku hoodie. <3 and="" because="" br="" crazy="" dark="" i="" in="" it="" lemonade="" m="" magical="" my="" no="" pajamas.="" pictures="" pink="" raspberry="" s="" she="" soft.="" super="" this="" yet="">
I hope everyone else had a nice interesting day. @_@

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