Thursday, March 29, 2012

Facial hair and health talk.

So, I've been waiting for my beard to thicken up enough to shape it into what is easily recognizable as a beard and I think I may have just reached that point.

It's still wispy as all hell, but with my recently increased dose the hair is beginning to really thicken up and grow in on my face. The acne has returned (but not with a vengeance) but I'm far less concerned with that, annoying as it is, as I am with the beard.

This was me, sometime in the last week:

Not a great indicator. This is me from maybe 2 weeks ago, where you can see how thick it is on my neck, which makes it look much fuller:

These are from tonight after I shaved off the majority of the thick dark hair on my neck. It was looking less like beard and more like LAZY, and so I've been thinking on and off what look I can actually pull off with my growth pattern. This is what I've ended up with:

Edit* Better Light:

It doesn't look like much in the dark, but I look much better put together. I think it will look far more professional at work too, which should help my confidence.

I've also been trying to cut soda out entirely, beginning with not drinking it at work. I'm trying to avoid junk food or fast food at work too. I had been losing weight for awhile but I noticed that I've gained back most of what I'd lost, sometime in the last two months. I'm not okay with that, so I'm making some permanent diet choices (NO SODA) and easing up on the snack-food, controlled portions, more protein. Next step is to start doing easy home exercise and then working out at the gym.

I want to move this weight but when I get to a certain comfortable point I tend to indulge myself, wrecking my progress. So I'm trying again. As uncomfortable as I am with my chest, I can't do anything about it while I'm still so far from my ideal weight. I'd like to get down to between 160 and 180, (so I'm shooting for a maintained weight of 170) which I think is reasonable and very possible. I weighed about 160 in highschool and I was mostly muscle then. I doubt I'll ever be that SMALL but I can aim for that weight ideally.

Also, I probably shouldn't have had those two 6 hour energy shots today(one at 9am, one at 5pm). I'm still VERY awake at half past midnight and need to be up in about 6 hours for a doubleshift. Oh well.

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