Monday, March 12, 2012


After an extended layaway and a frustrating time with USPS, I have in my hot little hands, my DREAM DOLL. This is the Be All End All of dolls for me. There are still plenty I like, but this is the one I never ever thought I'd get.

That said, I am pleased to introduce, my as of yet un-named Hewitt.

Clothing! I did make a shirt for his arrival (the one he's wearing) but I'm quite pleased at bonus clothes, cause I won't have time to properly sew for him anytime soon. <3

It was at this point I got overly excited and tore off all the bubblewrap and stuff before I remembered to take a photo.

And this is with his wig, clothed, and the 14mm goldenrod eyes I had ready. I didn't realize he had his beautiful default citrine eyes until I opened the box, but they look a little too soft on that mature Super Dollfie Cute body, with that mature faceup.

With Wotan's lovely SDC Kaede. I think he was flirting but it's hard to say.

And with Reji Dragonborn! Reji still needs his overcloak for his Archmage outfit.

I am so excited to have him. He's just beautiful and I never dreamed I'd actually get my Hewitt, let alone on that gorgeous SDC boy body. <3

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  1. *Very* nice, and you know I’m not into the boy dolls. Kaede looks like she’s thinking up mischief. Thankfully, not feeling doll fever here, as I’ve yet to find a permanent place for the ones I have.


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