Friday, January 27, 2012

My knee is jacked up, but I have a Puki!

So, I don't frequently talk about my weak ankles, as far as I can recall. It's just one of those things. I fall. I fall without warning. When this happens, I hope I can catch myself and do not injure myself.

I fell yesterday morning. I was on my way to work, just got off the bus, and was about three steps into the crosswalk. And then I was on the crosswalk, flat, with my hands scraped up and my left knee screaming, and a sense of rage.

Yesterday was my 6th scheduled day in a row, most shifts being just about from Open to Close (10am-9pm or thereabouts, no breaks). I was both emotionally and physically fatigued. I felt a downward swing of anxiety and depression from Monday night on, and physically I'm just DONE.

I obviously made it across the street, and I was crossing at the appropriate place, with right of way, so there was less risk of actually being hit by a car. But, my first reaction was RAGE. I was furious that my (right) ankle had the nerve to fall out from under me while I was in the street, right before my shift for work. I keep my ankle brace in my backpack, which I take to work, so I wrapped it and went on.

when I came home and assessed my injuries, I have mild road rash on my hands, severe bruising on my left knee (soft tissue and bone), and minor bruising on my right knee. The knee that took the brunt of it, is my left, and the one that I fell on when I fell down the stairs last year. My ankles need to quit this crap. It happens most when I'm fatigued (emotionally as well as physically) and lack the fine muscle control.

And on that note, I change the subject!

I have my first Pukipuki, thanks to a trade with a friend. My Skyrim character Reji Dragonborn now has a physical form. :B He's not an exact screen-to-doll copy, or even close, since he's not a Pukisha. Reji is a Cupid2 event head, I think.

I play a Khajit whom I named Reji Dragonborn. Cause I'm a nerd, and it cracks me up when people at the beginning are all "Woah! You're the Dragonborn!" and I insert the dialog "Well, yeah I mean, it is my last name. Meow meow." Because He's a cat. And so he ends all sentences with "Meow meow".

Anyway you're not here to read about me being a Skyrim nerd. You're here for Reji! I did his faceup, except for his little pink tongue, which Osaka was kind enough to paint and gloss for me. It's not a fancy job, but it makes me happy.

This was the only shot I could get where his face was at all in focus. Hopefully better pics will be forthcoming.

I'm planning to give him a fuzzy mohawk, and make him the Dark Brotherhood outfit, and probably some mage robes. I also want to get him the little puki sword hands, and paint up that sword like his daedric sword. :B

I don't have screenshots for you, cause I'm playing on xbox360. So.. just picture a kind of muscular Khajit in greys and browns, with a derpy expression.

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