Friday, July 22, 2011

So I'm 28 now.

I never posted about my birthday. I meant to, but it just didn't happen. I was on Vacation in East Tennessee when I should have put in to have my birthday off, so I was scheduled to work on it. In the week prior, one of our head cashiers quit under stressful circumstances, and our Front End Supervisor left for vacation the next day. I, and the remaining two Head Cashiers were spread thin, and got by on the skin of our teeth, and the help of someone else in the store stepping in for shifts throughout that week.

On my actual birthday, as I said, I was working, so I didn't do much of anything. I came home, and received hugs and gifts from Osaka and Ringo, both of whom spent great care selecting things I'd love and use. :) Osaka got me the deluxe edition of Dragon Age, which includes Origins, Awakening, and the downloadable content. Ringo got me an assortment of things, one of which was my second transformer figurine, a Megatron to go with the Optimus Prime I received for Christmas. He's the original, gun form. I'll take photos tomorrow I hope, with one or more of my yo-sized boys.

We treated Friday the 15th as my birthday instead, and I had a great celebratory dinner with several good friends, and co-workers that I am fond of. It went well, I think, aside from a migraine that set in about midday, but I slept that off, and felt much better for it by 5pm, when one of my intended guests for the dinner called me to verify plans.

I also ended up going out with Sam Sunday night, and had fun with her and some mutual friends, and then got together with some more friends Tuesday before I had to go to work. This is the longest I've extended birthday celebrations, that I can recall, it was pretty cool.

That said, I've been a bit stressed over work. I've been trying to get a different position at my place of employment for several months, because the expections placed on me, change at too rapid a pace for me to keep up with, and retain my sanity. I was informed just recently, that it's not likely that they will let me off the front end, so I am beginning to look for other work. I'm not happy about this, because I like working where I do, but instead of looking forward to each shift, and my interactions with my co-workers, I am filled with apprehension each day I am scheduled to work.

That, combined with the closing of the specialized clinic I was using, has me fretful. I've been given information on another clinic with the same specialization but I have not gotten in touch with them yet. I plan to give them a call tomorrow, and failing that, Monday, to try and get my medical affairs back in order. There aren't alot of specialists in my area, and most of the searches I've done, recommend the clinic I was using, that has closed. The new clinic, (which I know little about yet) is a further drive, and will be harder to get to, as I can't take the bus there if necessary.

Stressing about that, and work, has made me all but mute. I don't want to stress my friends, and I've lost the ability (in my opinion) to communicate effectively.


  1. Hugs. And loads of love from Texas!

  2. More hugs and best wishes in planning effectively to have things go your way. Here's to positive employment changes and medical support.


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