Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dream girl, you're a fantasy?

My dreams do weird things to me. When I'm just beginning to wake up, I take the dreams very seriously if it was a particularly intense dream.

I had two such dreams last night. The first of which involved confusion and drama between my very best friend, and her husband. In said dream, he abandoned her after a meal at Golden Corral, even noticing that she was having a severe medical emergency. I can't recall if it was a seizure condition or a heart condition in my dream, but BF has neither condition in real life, that I am aware of. Just dreamland making me process confusing thoughts and fears.

Then at the end of that dream, I woke up, and was scrambling to write down all the meaningful nuances and such. I'm not sure if that part really happened or if it was a segway to the next dream. It could have happened but I ended up giving up and rolling over to go back to sleep since it was only 4:50am.

I became aware that I was dreaming at the very beginning of the next dream, but that knowledge was only partially there the entire time. I was in my "home", an apartment I've never seen before that seemed to have two non-functional garages, visible from the outside. I couldn't even find the way to the one below the first floor, and I went upstairs rather than checking out the one on groundlevel. The wall against the staircase was seethrough, and sound seemed to go through as well, because my "neighbor" called out to me that he was sick of seeing my stupid cat.

I recall seeing a small black cat that could have been Decke, and then my memory is a bit fuzzy. I found myself wandering a small mountain town, via a car? I was with someone but I don't remember them. I startled when I saw two of the women who were at the Golden Corral in the other dream. They called out to me, asking if my friend is okay, which is when I remembered/realized I was in dreamland. They called out from their car, as they were passing the other way at a stoplight.

From there I recall little until I was wandering through a highschool with two women/girls. I'm unsure of their age, but they told me they were enrolling at this school. I remember musing to myself (whether outloud to them I don't know) that this school was in dreamland, and I wasn't sure exactly what the enrolling process would be, or how they could prove identity with documents and all that. My logic being, I assume, that because it was dreamland (but I did not have direct control of the dream, just awareness that it was one) they would not have access to the documents they needed since those are somewhere in their real lives.

It didn't occur to me, as it does now, that they may have had such documents available to them in dreamland, if they weren't aware that it was a dream. One of the women/girls (age is hard to determine in dreams) also seemed to be aware that she was dreaming. I think at that point we travelled together a bit, but there were some people who knew that we knew where we were (dreaming) and were trying to force us to wake up rather than interact with each other.

Seconds before my alarm awoke me, we exchanged names in desperation. My googlefu reveals nothing, but the name in question, was Jeanette Graham Bennett Hutton. I got the impression the last two names might have been hyphenated but she didn't say as much. The intensity of being chased and feeling like it was us against the entire sleeping world, made me want to seek her out, if she was indeed a real person.

It seems a little silly upon waking, but dreams have always been very powerful for me.

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