Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing Noland.

I have some photos and such from my vacation to Tennessee to post up, but first, an introduction.

This beautiful boy is a Rosenlied Tuesdays Child Beige, boy version. I've purchased him from SDink, and he is a grail doll. He is a boy version of Beige, and he has an SDink faceup. I love SDink's work, and her faceup list spots are really hard to get so getting a special boy version of a Rosenlied sculpt I adore, who also has one of her beautiful faceups is just fantastic.

Incidentally he arrived lightning fast. He was shipped Friday from San Jose, California, and arrived today, Monday in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was expecting him to arrive tomorrow or Wednesday while I would be at work and unable to retrieve him. I expressed such to Pherret, and he sat on the front steps when he saw the postman, just in case, and surprised me with a box about 15 minutes after I expressed the desire to take a nap.

As for names I've gone to my list of Irish and Gaelic names that I have tucked away. I'm leaning towards Noland.

I do know that I need to make him clothes because he doesn't want to wear any of what I have onhand. I've got him in a basic white shirt, khaki shorts, and white loafers, but I think he may be a lace and frills sort of boy. I'm hoping that actually since I don't have any little lord fauntleroy types.

There'll be photos from vacation up later in the week probably.

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