Monday, June 13, 2011

Doll rambling and vacation.

So, at this point I have a nice assortment of tinies and am mostly inclined towards tinies for my future purposes. I've joked that I need enough for a Kindergarten class, but if I were to actually aquire all the tinies that make me go "Awwww" I'd easily have enough.

Currently I have 9, with a 10th in progress. The 9th is Ness, my Impldoll Cyril, who has made it home, and been sealed, but my time off has not coincided with good sealing weather for faceuping.

And, because I can, I present you with photographs, some of which you may have already seen, of my current tinies. Obviously not including Ness, as he's in pieces awaiting faceup and blushing. :)

As a mosiac compilation because I love doing those. :3 At some point (once I have bodies for my 2 SD heads) I will get photos of all of my dolls together.

What inspired this particular post, is my pondering whom I should get next. I'd like an Infinitidoll Tiki, who resembles a Four Sisters Yo in the face, at least with the default faceup. I'm also sorely tempted by Raurencio Robe and Lazune. I'm not crazy about the default faceup on Robe, but Lazune is too precious.

Then of course there are all the tinies scattered throughout my general wishlist, as listed on Den of Angels. I'd like a handful of Rosenlied tinies, a few from Asleep Eidolon, a Leekeworld Tori, a Dollzone Kay, and SOMEDAY a Volks Rengemaru or Suzuna.

I'm tempted to order Raurencio Robe for my birthday since he is only $200, and I could theoretically swing that on one paycheck. However I also need to start pricing plane tickets home for Thanksgiving, and see what I need to set aside.

I'll have lots of time to think about dolls and travel plans while I'm on vacation. I plan to take most of my tinies, and Ichigo to play with and photograph while I'm in Tennesee with Osaka, Ringo, and Wotan. We'll be at their farm in East Tennessee, and I'm excited about it. It's up in the mountains and it's gonna be a week of peace and quiet away from work, and internet, and other stuff. This will be my first adult vacation where I actually go somewhere, and I'm thrilled about it.

Nothing of major interest going on, aside from doll musings and planning for what to do while on vacation. We'll be heading out either Friday the 17th or Saturday the 18th, I believe, and heading back to Virginia Beach, the following Friday.

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