Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long overdue update.

I had a nice sized entry going but my internet crapped out and I lost it. I've been without internet for about three and a half weeks, cause, as usual the signal I use, has either moved away or gone private. We're in the thinking it out process of plotting to get our own internet.

There's alot of stuff I've been meaning to post, but haven't gotten to. Among other things, I did get the Head Cashier position at Home Depot. I've been training for that on and off for a week and a half, when they can yank me from where I'm scheduled to be. This week starts me being on the official Head Cashier schedule, so I'm free to shadow as needed. Though, at this point, the only thing I'm really fuzzy on, is opening. I usually have closing shifts, and last night did most of that myself, as I finally have my keys, and my logins finally got shifted into thae system to have appropriate managerial access. It was awesome knowing what I needed to do, and actually being able to do it. I close on my own for the first time, Tuesday night I think. Facebook and twitter will hear about that right away. :P

This coincides actually with my sister Nekokoi, getting a new job with almost the same title/responsibilities, at the Michaels I worked at when I was 18. I thought that was pretty cool, and there is even one person there still, who worked there when I did.

In other stuff, I've been on T for about 11 weeks now. When I saw the doctor last (a few weeks ago) she changed my dose from 1/2ml every 2 weeks, to 1/4ml every week. That's helped with the aggression, anxiety, and acne, which were all getting really bad the first few days after my shots.

I shot a video last week I think, which I will try and post up soon. It was intended to document the changes to my voice and appearance, at the 10 week mark, and I'm sure I'll go back to it after awhile to compare it to my older video posts. I've not been great about taking photo evidence, as I had intended to.

I've been acting on my impulsive nature alot lately though. Some of it is compensating for feeling like I haven't done much with my life. In the last week I've been really just jumping on all my impulses, in an attempt to feel like I'm not just grinding my gears. So I'm blond again. I bleached my hair Wednesday night, I think, and went and got it trimmed Thursday before work, so I've got the blond mohawk again. It's short and fuzzy at any rate.

My weight has been shifting slowly too. There's alot less of me than there was three months ago, but some of it has just shifted around. Despite losing alot around my midsection, I have a definite doublechin now, much to my dismay. I had, about lost that.

I've been eating fairly healthy, and actually am actively trying to go to the gym a few times a week. I worked out on Friday, and have tentative plans to, again this evening, with one of my co-workers. I'm just looking to tone and slim down for now.

Lately I've not been playing with or sewing for the dolls as much. I'm chalking it up to being busy with work, and trying to be more social with co-workers for the moment. I've been getting together with some of them more often, and it's really nice. I haven't had local friends for awhile, aside from Osaka, and Pherret, whom I live with. I still love hanging with them, but it's nice to get out of the house in a different way sometimes.

And really I think that's everything. Alot has been going on, but I've not been great about keeping track of it all. e_e;;

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