Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New shoes! New lunchbox! New stupid!

I'm trying to do a bit better now in posting more frequently and being much less secretive. Some of you are probably going "You're secretive? REALLY?!" and you're right, I do tend towards over-sharing. At the same time though, I'm neurotic about stuff that really shouldn't be important, and I keep it to myself most of the time, making things MUCH worse.

I've realized well after the fact that I was being straight up psychotic in Texas, to a ridiculous degree all things considered. Did I have a reason to be a bit messed up? Yes. Did I have the right to be secretive and then bitter that no one understood what I was thinking/feeling? No.

So, I am going to attempt to be more open and honest. I already try to be honest but I also leave alot out when speaking to some of my family, in an attempt to keep things comfortable. Instead this creates feelings of mistrust, because it is OBVIOUS that I am NOT saying things, that I feel are important.

This is mostly touching on my last LJ entry, and nothing to do with what I really wanted to post about.

I bought new shoes. Little man has Gymnastics every Monday for now, and as part of the current household routine, his parents and I wander about the shopping center while he's learning to tumble and cartwheel and all that.

Today, I poked into Ross with Christy, and found all kinds of little gems. I ended up buying this lunchbox, for $1, and this pair of shoes, for $20. :D

This was great for me, because these shoes, which I bought back in September '09 bit the bullet a couple of months ago. I wore them hard, every day, to work, everywhere, and they wore out super fast. Luckily I still had a pair of red vans that were relatively still together (and now are beat to hell) that I had been wearing in the meantime. I still need to buy a pair soley for work, cause I don't want these to wear out as fast as the last pair, but I'm pleased none-the-less.

So yep, new shoes, new lunchbox, and I'm going to try to be more open and post more often from here on out. :]

Oh, and I had another stupid, "I've lost weight?" moment today. It was just the right temperature today for one of my thin rainbow hoodies layered with a t-shirt, and when I put one on, I was alarmed at how loose it was. My initial thought was that it had stretched out badly in the wash somehow.. Again. I thought that several months ago about my 'fatty' jeans, rather than the more obvious that perhaps I had begun to lose weight.

So, I continue to be an idiot, and oblivious in that regard. In my defense, I have been puffy lately from being sick, and hormonal crap, so.. I don't LOOK any slimmer in the face. My clothes all hang weird now though. I desperately need to buy a couple three new pairs of jeans.. Next paycheck probably.


  1. Thanks for checking on me yesterday. Happy to report that I was not in the building where the shooting occurred. Heading over to a news page to see if I can figure out where it happened. I think I have probably lost 10 lbs the hard way, yesterday and this morning. Oye. (This, too, shall pass.)

  2. My suggestion as far as work shoes is to spend the money to get a good pair of athletic shoes that will give you the proper support since you stand all day. It will help with the walking and the feet and back, etc. Sometimes ugly is ok because they are sturdier and then your cute shoes will last a lot longer. I also really like the lunchbox.


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