Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lord Percy the Benevolent and Percival the laptop

So.. my laptop came, a week ago today. It is everything I had hoped, and aside from minor tantrums on my part, trying to port over Sims 2, save files included, we are getting along quite well.

I've named new green lappy, Percival, and have dubbed my old poor lappy, Old Reliable, because he is STILL plugging along, letting me copy old files, and doing his damnedest to remain useful. *pats Old Reliable reassuringly*

Percival is performing beautifully. Sims 3 is GORGEOUS graphics-wise, and with 4 gigs of ram, Sims 2 loads up like a dream, 4 gigs of custom content not-withstanding.

In other news, I've had the plague for a week and a day or so. It manifests in varying degrees, but mostly it's congestion and draining now. It started as a stomach bug last Monday. It's a headache and congestion today. It was bad enough I had to call out of work on Sunday which pissed me off, cause I hate doing that, and I really need the money that nice full day would have given me.

In slightly related news I got a new stuffed sheepy, whom I named Lord Percy the Benevolent. Osaka and Pherret picked him up for me last Monday, and my computer arrived the next day, and I named it after the sheep. Weird? Perhaps, but it suits me fine. :D

And, since I finally have all my photo software on my computer now, pics of Percival (both the sheep and the lappy).


  1. Lord Percy looks a lot like my largest sheep stuffy. Let me know if he gets out of hand; Blessing can come over and hoof some sense into him.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your new computer.


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