Sunday, November 1, 2009

Elli Photos

So because I've been working on Elli's lifestory, I decided to take some photos of his doll form. I took a bunch outside cause it's a nice cold grey day, and also raining which sets the mood very well. So, here are the ones I liked best.


Also, un-related to photos or writing or anything of that sort, I've been uncharacteristically impatient today. I'm trying not to be cranky cause I really don't have any good reason to be, but I'm finding myself getting annoyed about stuff that shouldn't bother me.

Like when someone knocked at the door, while Christy was trying to take a nap, and the dog got riled up and barking like crazy, and the kid was skitzy cause it startled him, etc. I was really very annoyed at the people on the other side of the door, even though there was no way they could have known how inconvenient surprise visits are. I'm trying to keep things quiet and peaceful and it gets very loud very suddenly, and takes me quite a bit to get the kid and the dog settled down again. }:[


  1. Is that a leather collar or yoke on his sweater? Did you make it? Very interesting detail, and I love the little cap!

  2. This is part of his default Mars for Valentine outfit. It's got leather on the shoulders and at the end of the sleeves. :] The hat and jeans are part of his limited default outfit as well.


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