Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy my Birthday!

Today has been the best birthday I've had in some time. Christy was sweet and cooked two of my favorite meals for me today, cheesy tortelini for lunch, and red beans and rice with kielbasa sliced up in it for dinner. In addition to that I spent most of the afternoon playing Zelda: Twilight Princess, and smiling at how cute Link is in it. I stopped stalling and am now just before the final final boss. That's where I always quit because I fail hard at killing Ganon in any game, in any form. Rawr.

In addition to that local day of win, I got calls or text messages from most of my family, and even surprisingly, a Happy Birthday call from Nick. I wasn't expecting that at all so it was a pleasant surprise, as there was no connected drama. That's always a good thing.

Towards evening we ended up watching Star Trek The Next Generation, and making fun of Riker and Diana Troy, and Data. Christy was in a silly but feisty mood, and I followed suit. At one point, I made a few clever (in my opinion anyway XD) quips, that ended in lots of giggling. I had the urge to sing new lyrics to Fergie/The Black Eyed Peas "My Humps". We were sniggering at how chubby Riker gets later into the series, and he was doing the infamous shirt tug and grunts as he sat down or stood up. So I turned and said "I have an incredible urge to sing 'Whatcha gonna do with all that gut, all that gut inside that shirt?'" and then we all giggled madly.

Then Mom called only a few minutes later to wish me a happy birthday, and we chatted about how she's settling into her new place. She was telling me that her new Ward (congregation) was very small, alot like when we lived in a teeny tiny German town called Fredricksburg, Texas. And so I asked her if she was going to sing "It's a small Ward after all", and she chuckled. I love my Mom. She always laughs at my bad jokes in the fun way.

Only ones I didn't hear from today were Dad (I assume he's lost my number and/or just can't remember when exactly my birthday is), Jenni, and Bonnie, and I know the latter two lead busy lives. :3 I hope ya'll are doing very well! *big birthday hugs*

I'm doing much better emotionally than I was expecting to today, since there is alot going on lately. I think it's all thanks to my best bud who literally bent over backwards to make sure I had a lovely day. I don't think I can ever properly express my appreciation. *big squishy hugs*

I am now a quarter of a century old. Huzzah!


  1. I DID remember your birthday and sent you a Happy Birthday email as I was thinking of you about five hours before I figured you would be up! I am glad it was a great day, as birthdays should be.

  2. you should totally try the ganon fight in TP. it's awesome, and made of win, except for the pig-ganon part. he was also relatively beatable in WW if you ever got that far.

    happy birthday again!


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