Saturday, July 5, 2008

Faceups and Photos

I am, apparently a bigger buzz-kill than Buzz Killington (Family Guy reference). Last night I was in a very literal sort of mood and kept spoiling Christy's jokes. And, my own attempts at humor were rather warped and a little creepy at times. Luckily having slept I seem to be over it. I hate it when I get all weird like that.

But, today is the day for photos! I have a few, all doll-related. First, we have Ro, with his new(est) faceup. I need to darken and gloss his lips, and I'd also like to add a bit more blushing but overall I'm much happier with this faceup, than his old one.

This faceup is more like his original, after I thickened his eyebrows and fixed his lips. As some of you may recall the gloss on his lips melted in the Texas summer heat.

And next we have Onigiri, all painted up and on a borrowed body. I need to gloss his lips, but he is completely finished aside from that, and putting in his upper eyelashes. :3

His eyebrows (and lashes) are watercolor pencil, and his blushing and lips were done with pastels. Christy has taught me alot about doing faceups. I'm hoping to learn even more at New York Dolpa next year. Faythe and I are tentatively planning to go together, and I'm going to take the faceup class, and hopefully get a Sweet Dream School A as well.

I also did Brittany(Ti-Chan)'s Mel's face because his faceup had gotten messed up, and she can't afford to send him off and have him re-painted by someone else. I haven't heard what she thought about it yet. I'm only mentioning it at all because I did his when I re-did Ro's face.

I got this cute picture of Ichigo and Onigiri together while O was borrowing a body. I'm rather pleased with how they look together proportionally.

The body I want for Onigiri is a bit small for an SD sized doll. He'll be on the SD10 boy body. I got a picture of them standing next to each other and next to Christy's Hound, Brody for size comparison. Faythe has seen a Hound in person so she may be the only one who can properly tell the scale but still. Onigiri is on an SD10 girl body in this photo which has slightly shorter legs than the boy body, so there will be a smidgen more height on him in the end.

And that's about it for photos. Plus this one of Ichigo because he was looking exceptionally cute that day. Hooray!


  1. tons of all-around cuteness! xD i already told you how awesome i think those faceups are. i think i'll want your advice, and maybe to watch you do one before i do xavin's.. when i finally get her.

    i'm glad you like who you're growing into. that kind of happiness is an amazing thing that no one else can touch.

  2. You a much person than I am. If I'd been asked to re-do Ti's doll, I would have made it look like a clown.


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