Thursday, May 22, 2008

I can has internet? *insert suitable macro here*

So um, sorry for like dropping off the planet for a month and some change. The internet I was (and am) using is an unsecured network somewhere within range of Christy's apartment. The signal reappeared miraculously yesterday evening after a nasty and sudden thunderstorm. It's remained available since, but just in case it goes away again, doing all my downloading (at a courteous speed, so as not to bog down my host) of Sims 2 stuff and doll photos.

Christy bought me Sims 2 Freetime, and I love it. I've fiddled with it a bit, and while it's tedious to try and maintain more than one dedicated hobby, it seems your Sims are each inclined to just one type anyway. I've only fiddled with two different Sims so far.

I accidentally deleted my downloads folder, so I had to hunt down all my stuff again, and some of it I haven't found again. Nothing super imperative, since I found my skins, and eyes, hair, and most of my clothes and items, as well as several wonderful new things. I've backed up everything on disk this time.

Sims is pretty much what I've been doing lately when we're not out doing errands and such. I've missed reading all my friendslist entries, and I'm curious as to what's going on with folks.

In Doll News:

I re-did Ro's face, with Christy's help. I've since re-done him, and am waiting for the weather to clear up again before I can finish up, but he looked like this for like a week and a half. I screwed up the blushing under his right eye when I tried to paint his lower lashes. So, this time, I did the lashes first. I'm looking forward to having him more like when I first got him, again.

I've since redone his eyebrows, lashes, and freckles, and am waiting for the weather to get warm and dry to do his blushing and seal him. I love Ro so much, and when I re-did him for the first time last year I lost alot of his personality because of the way I drew his eyebrows. He's supposed to be a very devious guy, prone to getting into mischief, and aside from my screw up, I think the above faceup shows that pretty well.

And in other doll news, thanks to Christy, I'll be getting a School C head. She'll be bringing one back for me from New York Dolpa, and I can not express in words how awesome she is for that. Hooray Christy!

And for the benefit of my family, this is what a School C doll looks like. I believe this is a Volks Photo. If it isn't, let me know and I'll replace it.

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