Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas! Texas! Stuff! Oh and new glasses.

So... in major steps taken today, I've ordered my first binder. I've ordered a plain white sleeveless t-shirt style from Underworks. I don't know if it's something I can actually use, but I've changed shape so much (some of it is actual mass lost) that the bras I have don't fit me at all, and honestly I'm sick of wearing them anyway.

I am greatly hoping it will arrive well before I leave for Texas again. Which, by the way, I am doing to go to Mom's wedding. She's getting re-married January 14th, to a peach of a man. He's a nice guy, he treats her well, and his kids are totally chill. They're grown, and people I have no issues being related to, by marriage or otherwise. Most importantly, he makes Mom happy.

I'll be flying out of Virginia January 12th, and arriving back January 17th, and will be staying with my baby sister Moose.

In other news I got new glasses yesterday. Osaka kinda bullied me into it but she did pay for them at least initially, so I can't complain too much. As it turns out waiting 5 years between eye exams is kind of a bad idea. I was having migraines on about a daily basis, regular eye strain and/or fatigue, and it had been going on between three to six months. So really, I was pretty overdue. But.. I still had to be bullied into it.

It was that way that Mom's have to kind of tweak your ear and remind you that it sucks way more not to do the necessary thing, than the minor annoyance of doing whatever that thing is. Not like calling me names or pushing me down the stairs. Though she could have done that. But she didn't.

I also got my hair cut, not that it will look any different to ya'll on the internet. The guy who cuts my hair was remarking that it looks great all cleaned up but it's a mess when I let it grow out. It apparently curls in the back in all different kind of directions when it gets longer than an inch.

And though I haven't mentioned it at all, I did have a great Christmas. This is the tree Christmas Eve, after Santa came:

I got some nice new gloves, a nice winter hat, legos from Ringo, a Batman figure, and a few other things I can't recall right now, but I was very happy with my gifts. And Pherret and Osaka and Ringo all seemed to be pleased with theirs. Ringo made out like a bandit. It was a very My Little Pony Christmas for him.

And today, before work I did a little shopping and got some new pajamas on clearance, a couple of new t-shirts, and a new light jacket. I'm slowly beginning to fill out my wardrobe.

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