Friday, November 18, 2011

Which dolls do I take?

I've only got so much room to take dollies home with me. So I'm asking ya'll who I should take with me. I definitely want to take Noland with me, but he's the only sure thing. I have room for either 2 minies, or 4 tinies, or 1 mini and 2 tinies. Apollo and Ichigo are minies, and the rest are tinies. Photo-collage for those who may not remember who is who.

Which doll(s) should I take home with me? I'm trying to narrow it down from the ten I have in mind, Ichigo, Apollo, Doran, Sarabelle, Moonbeam, Starshine, Simon Oliver, Christopher Owen, Toby, and Noland.

And Noland, who is DEFINITELY going.

1 comment:

  1. Ichigo and Sarabelle - just because I'm hoping you'll take pictures and they have always been my favorites in your photos.

    Ta-da, my two cents. Enjoy your trip.


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