Monday, April 11, 2011

I am pleased to introduce Tyrell James or T.J. for short.

I'm a little cranky that my tiny laptop keyboard is prone to taking my typing of posts, as a cue to jump forwards or backwards on my internet browser. I lose more posts that way, than I care to count. :[

Anyway my Iplehouse Efreet arrived yesterday while I was at work. He and Byuri both, were in hand less than three days after I got my shipping notice. Nekokoi theorizes that it's because I'm on the East Coast and therefore closer to Customs. She's probably right.

Last night when I got home, I unwrapped him, dressed him, and plopped him in a temp wig, since I haven't had a chance yet to purchase the right wig for him. I took a few photos of him and compared him with Toby. They're both on the standard body, and if/when I get more Iplehouse babies, I think I will get the mobility joint, since from the photos I've seen on DOA it actually seems to make a difference in posability.

Comparison-wise, if Toby is an Irish cream, or pale toffee, then T.J. (Tyrell James) is a chocolate milk and toffee blend. There's an obvious difference in color but T.J. is nowhere near as dark as Osaka's Kamau, who I believe was in the ebony skin. T.J. is in the light brown resin, and it's a beautiful color in person, but hard to photograph, at least, at night. So, the color is a bit.. just don't trust it.

I have pulled out my very short black faux fur, to make him a fuzzhead wig, in the meantime, until his proper wig has been purchased and delivered. The red is charming, but T.J. is not a redhead, and it makes his faceup look a bit off.

I'm very glad I got him, and when I was looking hard at him today it really emphasized what I loved about the sculpt, and my initial reaction of "Oh no, I bought the wrong one" when I saw Efreet, and had just finished purchasing Byuri. I love Toby, don't get me wrong, but I really NEEDED T.J.

Once I've gotten his fuzzwig done, I'll try to take some more, proper photos. I never did for Toby. e_e; I've just been crazy busy with work, and then I was so sick for like a month straight. Ugh.

I might have work news in the near future. I've put in for a transfer to a couple of different departments for various reasons, not the least of which is stress. I like being a Head Cashier, but the pressure is different than it was initially, and I simply don't get paid well enough to cope with it, on top of the other stressors in my life. So, if and when a transfer goes through, I'll update.


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