Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doll Meme(s)

I'm combining these two doll memes. :B The first (collage) was ganked from onnawufei, and the second, from angsty_os.

1. How many dolls do you have?
10 complete dolls, 2 heads.

2. What are their names?
Christopher Owen

3. What are their molds?
Dream of Doll Tender Yen
CustomHouse Mars for Valentine (2005)
Volks Ko-tenshi Tsubaki
Volks Yo-SD Tinatsu
Volks Yo-SD Piccolo (Sweet Dream)
CustomHouse Uranus
Souldoll Lune
Volks School C
Narsha (girl)
Soom Glati
Soom Beyla
Soom Beyla (human head)

4. How long have you been in the BJD hobby?
I discovered Volks in 2003, and bought my first doll in 2005. I joined DOA March 22nd, 2005.

5. Do you RP? If so, who is/was your favorite person to RP with?
I do not RP anymore.

6. Who is/was your favorite character to RP with?
Non applicable.

7. How many dolls have you ever sold?
I have sold, 1 body, and my Sweet Dream Piccolo, whom I reclaimed later.

8. Out of all of those, who do you miss the most?
I missed my Sweet Dream Piccolo, which is why even though I have no idea who he is anymore I won't sell him again.

9. What is your favorite thing in this hobby?
Being able to create any look, for any personality.

10. Who is the first BJD that ever entered your house/that you ever saw in real life?
Ro was the first I saw in person, and the first to enter my house.

11. Who is the first BJD you ever fell in love with?
Volks Shirou Tachibana, but I don't want one anymore, having seen owner pictures.

12. What is the most you've spent on a doll (the actual doll itself)?
Um.. The most I've spent so far is $500 + shipping, for Elli.

13. What is your favorite photoshoot/photo you ever took of any of your dolls?
This very old photo from before I got my second doll. I loved Ro so much like that. I miss him looking like this:

14. What is your funniest memory with any of your dolls?
When who is now Tater, spontaneously unstrung himself, fully clothed, and I had to pull his clothes and wigs off to fish the elastic out.

15. What is your saddest memory with any of your dolls?
When Ro's spark faded completely the first time. He's never been the same.

16. Have you ever had a dream about your doll? If so, what was it about?
Before Ro arrived, I dreamt Dream of Doll sent me a doll made out of sandy resin, falling to pieces. I was so relieved when he DID arrive, perfect.

17. Which BJD out of yours would you never sell in a million years?
Ichgio. I will never sell ANY of my dolls, but if I had no choice but to abandon all but one, I'd take Ichigo.

18. Name one thing that makes you irked in the BJD hobby.
The drama. Like so many others, I just want to play with my dolls. That's it.

19. Would you ever consider "leaving" the hobby?
Meh. I've already cut myself off from most of it. I make my own clothes, I don't go on the forums, I buy directly from the companies.. I only discuss dolls with my friends who also happen to have them.

20. Who is the newest character you've thought up?
My Littlefee Leah who is on layaway. She has no name yet, but I'm feeling out her personality.

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