Sunday, July 2, 2017

All the things.

Right, so quite a lot has happened since my last post. I don't know how to do real bullet points but here goes:

*Finished Geology with a high B

*Academic probation for failing online courses (contestable, which I plan to citing medical complications

*kidney stone

*kidney AND gall stone for Faythe

*Faythe has been accidental hostage staying with Mom and me, as we negotiate the various programs open to her and sort out surgery to remove gall bladder (necessary)

*Logan and his wife bought a house (they moved in Monday)

*I've been spending a couple of days each week there (apt) helping pack small stuff and playing Breath of the Wild on the switch

*I've gained notable weight

*Diet has been erratic since school ended, compounded my Faythe's medically restricted diet.


*My primary physician agrees that I should apply for disability.

*I don't WANT to be on disability but I literally can not function at a "normal" level even with medical intervention

*Non-stop migraine. Literally always there, but less killing me than last year when I was doing work and school full time.

*My (adult) niece Ashley has secured a job in Chicago and we are all incredibly proud of her. She is having a small going away party today which I will be attending. She starts I think on July 5th, maybe 10th.

*I'm having a small doll folks birthday party Sat July 8th, hosted by a local friend.

*I'm hoping to find enough spoons to finish at least one of Robbie's Marvel t-shirts by then for photos.

*Faythe told me about a cake recipe she learned that will make it possible for her to have cake sans frosting and we are doing a test run today. If they work we will take thrm to Ashley's party. If not, Mom has a backup plan, coconut cake, gluten free.

*I am in a constant state of wildly swinging from depressed, crippled with pain, just functional enough to do things, and DRIVE TO DO THINGS with no spoons.

I have literally tried to write ANY kind of post for a month now. I'm sorry.

I turn 34 on July 14th. I need to get in gear to argue with the school so that I can continue education but Faythe's health has reasonably taken priority. I'm concerned but not freaking out.

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