Sunday, October 11, 2015


I have decided that I want some gorgeous Scandinavian Vikings. In doll form of course.

I've settled on Iplehouse EID Akando on the super hero body with real skin (light tan) color, icy blue eyes, and silky blond hair down to his waist. Also EID Arvid in maybe normal skin with Auburn or ginger hair and beardscruff. Both will have chest/torso scarring from stupid teenage adventures, in skinny-dippying with murderous mermaids. Akando will have a deep piercing wound(scar) at about lung level on his right side. Arvin will have a deep slash (scar) from groin to collarbone deeper at the top, and both will have much less severe scars scattered across limbs and faces. I had already determined that my Amelia was descendent from Vikings so they fit nicely there as part of her village. I fancy the blond being her uncle and Arvin being uncle's best friend.

Also since in The Forest no one wears furs or leathers they could have lovely bulky knit tunics for warmth with fitting trousers or leggings.  Mostly I just want a pair of gorgeous scarred up Vikings.

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