Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photodump, Tiny picnic!

Okay.. I took some photos of Sarabelle, within the last month, and her arrival in what was it, mid-june? Alot of photos actually. And I re-sized and uploaded them, but neglected to actually post them. So, enjoy this photodump.

The Suzuna, is Lorelei, who belongs to my BFF, Osaka. The Soom Hati, is Momo (I think? I'm a little fuzzy on her name atm, blame my sleepiness.) who belongs to Nekokoi, my sister. :3

Also BTW, Dr Laura is a crazy old bat. *is watching CNN*

And.. I need to sew more for her and Moonbeam (who has a body and needs a face-up).


  1. They make little bottles of water for these dolls? Do not tell Chutzpah and Faith; I'll never hear the end of it.

  2. Sarabelle looks like she could be Chutzpah's sister or first cousin. (Small wonder.) Did you make her dress?

  3. The food and beverages are eraser foods, rather common here in Virginia Beach, in the dollar stores and craft stores. They're perfect scale for the various dolls.

    Sarabelle looks REMARKABLY like an Ante in person. I was actually initially worried, they'd sent me an Ante by mistake. It took Christy and Jared pulling open her head to look at her sculpt name, for me to be reassured.

    And yes I did make her dress. :] I've made all the clothing you see her wearing.


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